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Rural Genius Creates Wooden Art
When most people think of genius, they're not likely to think of a wood carver. But if you take a close look at the scale model wooden tractors, carved completely from memory by Canadian Floyd Westting, you'll probably agree that the Clive, Alberta native has talent from out of this world.
In addition to his perfectly detailed model tractors, Westting has also carved a stationary wooden single piston engine that's so realistic it actually runs (on butane gas) with a powered output shaft. The only metal parts on the engine are the valves and the ignition system. It has a 2 1/2 by 2-in. bore and stroke, and the flywheels are 7 in. in dia. Fuel is supplied by a butane lighter actuated by the intake push rod. This injects fuel into the intake port during the intake stroke.
Westting's wooden tractors include a 60 hp. J.I. Case traction engine with cab and a John Deere "D".
The Deere "D" is about 17 in. long, 10 in. high, and rear wheels are 7 1/2 in. dia. The crankshaft actually turns and has connecting rods and pistons that work. The clutch engages and disengages and there are hand-carved roller chains in the rear end just as in the real tractor.
The steam-powered Case model was carved mostly from spruce wood except for the gearing, which was carved out of alder-wood, and the axles, which are oak. All mechanisms work, including drive gears, governor, and pump. The clutch works just as the one on the real engine.
The boiler was made from laminated wood and the firebox is hollowed out. The flues are drilled into the smoke box. The fire door, smoke box door and draft doors all work as do the firebox grates. The eccentric throttle is in time and has a reverse gear.
The steering gear is a worm gear with chain steering that works. The boiler rivets are made from brass nails. The only metal used in the model are the rivets, copper boiler bands and wire clips holding the wheels on the axles.
When the engine is turned, it'll pull itself forward or backwards. The rear wheels are 8 in. in dia. and the overall length is 26 in.
"All these models were made entirely from memory without any drawings or plans of any kind," says Floyd's friend Lloyd Stevens of Leslieville, Alberta, who took the accompanying photos. "He spent hundreds of hours on these masterpieces."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd Stevens, Box 118, Leslieville, Alberta Canada T0M1H0 (ph 403 729-2592).

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