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Tasty New Rat Bait Made With Sweet Corn
"Rats and mice love the natural sugars in sweet corn. They can't resist it so it works great as bait," says Ray Lush, Bloomfield, Neb., manufacturer of new TRAP-N-SACK rat and mouse bait which uses sweet corn laced with diphacinone to kill rodents.
Lush is a farmer and feed mill owner who, along with assistant Gil Larsen, began marketing the product through Sweet Corn Products Co. last October.
He and Larsen got the idea three years ago. After watching wild animals ravage sweet corn, yet not really disturb the irrigated plot of field corn planted just across the fence, they decided to run a test. They filled one paper plate with sweet corn kernels and another with field corn kernels. The offerings were set out in a rodent-infested building. The sweet corn disappeared overnight but the field corn wasn't touched.
TRAP-N-A-SACK is available in pellet form. For convenience and a minimum of handling, the product is packaged in 3-oz. throw packs, with 50 packs to a pail. Price per pail is under $35.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sweet Corn Products Co., Dept. FIN, Box 487, Bloomfield, Neb. 68718 (ph 402 373-2460).

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