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Worm Cat Skid Steer Loader
"My 4-WD articulated worm cat loader' works great for cleaning out my hog barn and for spot spraying soybeans," says Roger Fisher, Spirit Lake, Iowa.
The loader is equipped with two transmissions, two rear ends, and two gear shifts.
"It turns shorter and is more stable than a skid steer loader," says Fisher. "Conventional skid steer loaders are front heavy and tend to tip over when loaded. My rig turns on a dime and, with 4-WD, it pulls itself around corners instead of sliding around them so we can maneuver in tight corners without catching posts. To spot spray beans we bolt a plank on the loader for riders to sit on."
Fisher used the rear ends and transmissions from two 1956 Chevrolets to drive the loader. He narrowed them up and reversed them to provide high and low speed in 4-WD. He removed the coupler knuckles from a car and Deere lawn mower and installed them between the front and rear frame to provide articulated steering. A two-way valve on a hydraulic cylinder is used to steer the loader. A 2-cylinder, 15-hp Wisconsin engine removed from a New Holland baler powers the rig, which is equipped with 6.70 by 15-in, wheels.
The machine can work at full power at slow speeds. "We can put one transmission in high gear and the other in low gear so that when we're pushing manure, or doing other heavy work, we can go real slow," notes Fisher. "It's important that the two rear ends have identical gear ratios. If I could do it over I'd mount both rear ends in the same direction so both transmissions would drive the same way. I'd also install an automatic transmission so I wouldn't have to clutch it," he adds.
Fisher installed the engine at the back of the machine and mounted a seat borrowed from an old Ford tractor above it. He used pipe and sheet metal to build a front-end loader and bucket. Two cylin¡ders, one on each side, raise the loader. Another cylinder dumps the bucket.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Fisher, Box 9048, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360.

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