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She Found An Egg Inside Of An Egg
Commercial peacock raisers Dennis Fett and Debra Buck have seen a lot of strange sights on their exotic poultry farm near Minden, Iowa but none more unusual than the big goose-egg size egg laid by their neighbor's chicken.
Alice Falk is 71-years old but still raises 250 laying hens. She's tended a flock of chickens for more than 50 years and now sells her eggs to a local wholesaler as well as direct to local residents.
Last March Alice found a giant 6-oz. egg in her henhouse and called Dennis to photo-graph it for her. Since Dennis also specializes in blowing out eggs, he later attempted to blow the white and yolk out of the egg.
"It felt as if there was something inside the egg. When I poked holes in the egg and tried to blow it out, the whole end moved as if it was going to blow off. We used a syringe to remove the egg white and then realized there was something hard in there. That's when we realized there was another egg," says Dennis.
He proceeded to break the egg open to extract the perfect, normal-size 2 1/2-oz. egg. It contained a normal yoke and white, which Dennis blew out so that Alice could put the double-egg on display.
Dennis and his wife Debra raise and sell all types of peacocks and have also written a book on all aspects of commercial pea-cock farming (see Vol. 13, No.2).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Fett & Debra Buck, Rt. 1, Box 19, Minden, Iowa 51553 (ph 712 483-2473).

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