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Low RPM Shaft Monitor
"We've had a lot of requests for a slow speed shaft monitor for shafts that turn at less than 100 rpm's," says Ralph Sweany, manufacturer of the "no electronics" stop-page monitor for high-speed shafts on combines and other equipment that lets you know in the cab when a monitored shaft stops turning, helping to avoid more serious breakdowns.
Sweany recently introduced a new slow speed monitor which consists of a sensor unit and 1 to 4 magnets which attach to the shaft. The sensor is mounted so that the magnets on the shaft pass within about 1/4 in. For shaft speeds of 5 to 29 rpm's you use 4 magnets, for speeds of 30 to 59 rpm's use 2 magnets and for speeds of 60 to 100 rpm's use 1 magnet. The magnets attach with a silicone adhesive.
As each magnet passes the sensor, it completes a circuit that activates a red blinker light in the cab. The light blinks about 60 times a minute. If the shaft stops turning, the light stops blinking.
"We've had tremendous interest for use on grain drills and we tested the monitor extensively on drills in Kansas last summer with no problems. Dust or dirt do not affect operation," says Sweany, who sells the slow speed monitor kit for $30.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sweany Monitors, Rt. 2, Box 616, Crothersville, Ind. 47229.

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