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Concrete Waterer Built To Last A Lifetime
"We think it's the most rugged, energy-efficient livestock waterer on the market," says Eric Robinson of Superior Precast's new concrete E-80 Superbowl that features covers which help reduce yearly heating costs to $7.00.
An adjustable thermostat and electrical heating element (600 watt, 118V) are located beneath the concrete bowl. "Because of its mass, the concrete bowl retains heat for a long period of time to cut operating costs, and virtually eliminates the possibility of any stray voltage since concrete is a poor conductor of electricity," explains Robinson.
He adds that the electrical equipment can be removed by taking out one nut. An added feature to the waterer is that it has a concrete cap with a 9-in. dia. hole that fits over the 12 by 17-in. opening. Cattle drink from the waterer by pushing down a plastic type disc that fits into the hole. The concrete cuts heat loss by about half in the winter. In the summer, you can keep the cap on or take it off. Left on, it reduces algae growth and keeps water cooler.
The waterer's bottom compartment is insulated with 2-in. thick, high-density styrofoam insulation coated with a reflective foil.
The waterer comes in two sections which weigh 200 lbs. (bottom) and 100 lbs. (top) and are thus easily handied without special equipment. Height is 24 in. The valve cover and bottom door are made of heavy galvanized metal. The top section is molded in fiberglass for a glass-smooth finish that's easy to clean.
Single unit, with cap, sells for $370 (Canadian dollars) and handles about 80 head of livestock. A double unit is also available.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Superior Precast, Box 10, Shallow Lake, Ont., N0H2K0 (ph 519 935-2211).

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