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Concrete Roller Reduces Compaction
The Danish firm of Friss Maskinfabrik has developed a new way to reduce tractor wheel soil compaction during seedbed preparation and planting.
It features a rolling concrete drum, 20 in. in dia., which mounts on the front of the tractor and is wide enough to cover the space between the rear duals. A hydraulic cylinder transfers up to 4,410 lbs. of weight from the tractor's front wheels to the roller. You adjust the cylinder to keep only enough weight on the front tractor wheels so you can steer the tractor.
"With this weight distribution, the field is pressed uniformly within entire working widths, thus guaranteeing far better seedbed preparation and hence more rapid and uniform germination," the manufacturer points out. "On turns, the press roller is lifted completely free of the ground and thus acts as a counterbalance to the implement mounted behind the tractor. The roller stays clean and doesn't clog up, even under very difficult conditions."
The roller, made in sections about 1 ft. wide, is available in working widths of 40, 50 or 60 in. Weight of the 60-in. wide roller (20 in. dia.), is right at 1,800 lbs.
Contact: Friss Maskinfabrik, Oster Logum, 6230 Rodekro, Denmark (ph 04 68 45 45).

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