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Quick Tach Implement Mover For Bobcat Skid Steer Loader
I made a quick tach "implement mover" for my Bobcat skid steer loader so that I can easily move machinery in and out of my machine shed. I use it a lot because the shed doubles as a hay barn. It allows one person to empty the shed in only a few minutes.
It consists of a 4-ft. wide, 2-ft. high, 3/ 16-in. thick steel plate with quick tach brackets welded to one side and an old tractor drawbar welded to the other side. I welded a "stop" on a long bolt and placed it upside down in the drawbar hole. To hook up the implement I simply raise the drawbar up to the implement hitch and go - I don't have to get out of the cab. A cotter pin through the head of the bolt keeps the bolt in place. If I have to move the implement a long ways and am afraid that the bolt might bounce out I can replace it with a conventional hitch pin. I keep a supply of extra hitch pins on a steel bracket that I welded onto the plate. One end of the drawbar is bolted to a length of angle iron that I welded to the bottom of the plate. The drawbar is reinforced by four other lengths of angle iron welded to the drawbar and plate.
I use it to move rakes, mowers, wagons, etc. It saves time and works fast. Another advantage is that whenever I turn the skid steer loader the implement reacts immediately. I used mostly scrap steel to build it and spent about $50. I built a similar attachment equipped with a pair of forks instead of a drawbar. I use it to move pallets loaded with anything that doesn't have wheels, i.e. 3-pt. sprayers and mowers, parts, etc. (Wiebe Vander Wyk, 4100 Chaplin Road, RR 2, Agassiz, B.C., Canada V0M 1A0 ph 604 796-2959)

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1997 - Volume #21, Issue #3