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Home-Built Self-Propelled Baler
Melvin Markes, Waukomis, Okla., combined an Allis-Chalmers pull-type baler-and components from a junked out Massey 410 combine to build a self-propelled square baler.
"It's much faster than baling with a tractor and baler and it makes fuller, more uniform bales. I could never get pull-type balers to run at the right speed for my windrows. The baler either went too fast or too slow. With hydrostatic drive I can vary the speed according to windrow width to keep the baler full all the time. It also frees up a tractor and visibility is great because the operator sits right alongside the baler. I can see the windrow without constantly turning around, and I can see how much baling wire is left without getting off the seat," says Markes, a re-tired commercial hay grower.
Markes lengthened the baler's axle by welding a truck rear axle onto it and then moved the wheel to the outside of the bale chamber. He removed and shortened the combine's rear axle and installed it as the front axle of the self-propelled baler. He removed the 292 6-cylinder engine from the Massey combine, and a radiator from a Gleaner combine, and installed them behind the rear axle on the new baler. He also installed the Massey combine's hydraulic and power steering systems on the baler as well as a new variable displacement pump and hydrostatic motor. A gear reduction box slows down the hydrostatic motor.
To drive the baler, he ran a belt-driver pto shaft under the baler from the engine (to the flywheel, which is belt-driven b) the output end of the shaft. The operator platform was built from channel iron anc is fitted with the Massey combine's lad• der. He also built a rack on the left side o: the baler to carry baling wire.
The baler can be quickly removed and converted back to a pull-type, if needed since it's not modified in any way. The original pto shaft and tongue were simply unbolted and removed.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup Melvin Markes, Box 486, Waukomis Okla. 73773 (ph 405 758-3355).

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