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Swing BOOM Machinery Trailer
"It's so handy all my neighbors want to borrow it," says J.B. Mangus, Renick, Mo., about his "swing boom" tandem axle machinery trailer equipped with a telescoping lift arm that reaches out up to 12 ft. from the trailer, which requires no outside hydraulics. Two 8-ton hand jacks provide lifting power.
The 4-ft. high base post is bolted to the right front corner of the 24-ft. long, 8-ft. wide trailer. The lift arm is mounted at the top of the boom and equipped with a chain and hook. The arm telescopes from 7 to 12 ft. and its base is free to pivot 180?. The 8-ton hand jacks mount at the base of the boom and are pumped by a single handle.
"It'll lift objects up to 10 ft. high, and even at its maximum 12-ft. reach it can lift up to 3,000 lbs.," says Mangus, who notes that the trailer was built for him by Richard Everhart, Clark, Mo. "It really comes in handy for loading implements such as planters and cultivators that can't be driven onto the trailer. I've used it to pick up a 4-bottom plow weighing 2,500 lbs. Because the arm telescopes I can use it to place two implements on the trailer floor at once."
The lift arm is built from 6 by 6-in. sq. tubing and 5 by 5-in. sq. tubing that slides inside it. By removing bolts Mangus can remove the boom in 15 min. The 7,000-lb. tandem axles are equipped with 7.50 by 16 tires on Chevrolet truck wheels.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,J.B. Mangus, Box 27, Renick, Mo. 65278 (ph 816 263-1758).

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