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Eyeball Scarecrows Made from Hilex Jugs
"They cost virtually nothing to make and work great because the jugs closely resemble the body of an owl," says Herbert Stewart, Cornell, Wis., who spray paints Hilex jugs to look like owls and scare birds away from his machine shed.
Stewart got the idea from commercial eyeball scarecrows that are shaped like a beach ball and covered with a reflective eyeball-like design of concentric circles that scares birds. He washes the labels off jugs, then paints a few areas of the jug a metallic brown so it resembles the brown and white color of an owl. Then he paints four "eyes" around the neck of the jug. To make them he paints a yellow circle first, paints red over it while letting some yellow show, then paints a small black spot in the center of the red circle. He runs a wire through the top of the jugs and hangs them from the shed's rafters where they can swing freely.
"I have three of these eyeball scare-crows in my 40 by 72-ft. shed and I very seldom see a bird in there," notes Stewart. "Once in a while one will fly in, but they never stop. It's a good way to recycle jugs that would otherwise go to waste."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Herbert Stewart, RR 2, Box 270, Cornell, Wis. 54732 (ph 715 288-6849).

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1990 - Volume #14, Issue #6