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Endgate Drill Fill Auger
"It works great and cost only $250 to build," says William Stephaniuk, Wishart, Sask., who converted his ' truck's 13-ft. long side drill fill auger to an endgate model which lets him haul both seed and fertilizer at the same time.
Stephaniuk mounted a 7-in. deep triangular-shaped metal hopper on the rear of the truck box's frame. He mounted the auger inside the hopper but removed the 12-volt electric motor, replacing it with a hydraulic motor that's operated by the truck's pto-driven hydraulic pump. He installed a hexagon-shaped box, 4 ft. wide and 8 ft. long, made out of plywood, inside the box. Fertilizer is loaded into the inner enclosure while seed is loaded between the inner walls and the sides of the truck box. There are three "lift-up" chutes in the endgate. The two outside chutes unload seed and the middle chute unloads fertilizer.
Stephaniuk has used the truck and drill fill auger to seed 600 to 700 acres of small grains for each of the past eight years. "I had been using two trucks equipped with side-mounted drill fill augers. The side-mounted augers prevented me from using rollover tarps on top of the trucks while my endgate model lets me cover the en-tire box. I patterned my system after a commercial add-on model with a steel fertilizer box. It cost about $1,200, but I built mine for $275. The only difference is that my auger and drive shaft aren't hinged in the middle so they can't be folded across the tailgate for transport. The end of the auger sticks out from the side of the truck box about 3 ft. which isn't much of a problem. The truck box holds 350 bu. of seed and the fertilizer box holds about 2 1/2 tons of fertilizer. It takes only about 10 minutes to install or remove the hopper and auger which are held in place by three bolts."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, William Stephaniuk, Box 166, Wishart, Saskatchewan, Canada SOA 4R0 (ph 306 576-2204).

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