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Low Cost Dehumidifier For Livestock Barns
You'll like the price tag on the new all-aluminum dehumidifier for live-stock and poultry barns introduced by International Livestock Equipment Co. (Ileco), of Fairfield, Iowa.
Priced at only $850 and easy-to-install, it's billed as "the most efficient and economical dehumidifier on the market for hog, cattle, poultry or turkey barns."
"It removes moisture and soluble gases and odors without removing heat," explains Cloyce Palmer, president of Ileco.
An intake fan, driven by a 1/30 hp motor, costs about $10 a month to operate, says Palmer. It's located inside the building (near the ceiling) where it sets inside the unit's 8 in. dia. top horizontal tube (see photo). The fan draws moist air out of the building through the lower 8 in. dia. tube and up through the vertical 10 in. dia. tube.
"As moist air rises in the vertical tube, a dewpoint is achieved," explains Palmer. "Moisture and moisture-born gases precipitate from the remaining atmosphere in the form of water droplets which slide down the vertical tube and exit the dehumidifier through a small opening placed in the bottom plug. Dry air continues and is returned to the building."
Palmer notes that, "the colder the outside temperature, the greater the efficiency and the greater the volume of air that can be moved by operating the fan at high speed. The warmer the outside temperature, the slower the thermostatically-controlled fan operates. The system shuts off automatically and isn't needed when outside temperature reaches 63F."
Installation is easy, requiring only two 8 in. openings in the building. For hogs, one unit will handle 20 sows and litters, 200 nursery pigs to 50 lbs., or 180 finishing hogs to 240 lbs.
Palmer notes that the dehumidifier is designed to take care of humidity caused by animal breathing and urine in confinement buildings: "It's not a sponge for sopping up moisture caused by poor insulation, leaky water pipes and so forth. It can be used in open front buildings if they're well insulated and have a curtain that closes tight and doesn't flop."
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ileco, 601 S. 23rd St., P.O. Box 870, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 (ph 515 472-2153).

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