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Herringbone Style Farrowing Crate
"This revolutionary design allows you to put up to 60% more farrowing stalls in a given amount of space," says International Livestock Equipment Co. (Ileco), Fairfield, Iowa, of its new space-saving herringbone-style crates.
Each 2 ft. by 7 ft. crate sits diagonally on a 5 by 6 ft. deck.
"This herringbone configuration not only saves space, but also gives you a clear view of the sow's head and rear end, and the litter, each time you walk past in the alleyway," explains Cloyce Palmer, president of Ileco.
A nursery 54 ft. long by 12 ft. wide, for example, will accommodate ten conventional 5 by 7 ft. farrowing stalls placed side by side, with a 3 ft. alley at the front, a 2 ft. alley at the rear, and a 2 ft. wide alley along each sidewall.
That same 12 by 54 ft. nursery will accommodate 16 "herringbone" crates a whopping 60% increase. They're positioned lengthwise with eight crates pushed up tight against each sidewall. There's a 2 ft. wide working alley at the one end of the building, and a 2 ft. wide alley running down the center between the two rows of crates.
The deck of each crate is installed with the side against the building 3 in. higher than the opposite "alley" side.
"When the sow farrows, her pigs instinctly head downhill and to the heat lamp," explains Palmer.
Shortly before farrowing, adjustable side rails are set so they'll squeeze the sow if she tries to lay down without first dropping to her knees. "After two or three day's training, she learns to do it instinctively and the rails can be returned to normal width. Training her to not flop down on her rear without first dropping to her knees helps prevent laid-on pigs," Palmer points out.
He adds that the herringbone-style crates are cost competitive with conventional crates on a crate for crate basis. They're made of 1 5/8 in. dia. tubular steel which is galvanized both inside and out. Pigs can nurse on either side of the diagonal crates which come in "lefts" and "rights".
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ileco, 601 S. 23rd St., P.O. Box 870, Fairfield, Iowa 52556 (ph 515 472-2153).

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