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Add On Cooler Stops Farm Truck Boilovers
A new add-on truck cooler channels heat away from truck engines to prevent "boilovers" during hot weather.
When Don Hutson started manufacturing the add-on device, it was designed for use as a heater for semi trailers. Hot engine coolant circulates through its coils to heat trailers. A farmer who was having trouble with overheating approached him with the idea of using the cooler to pull heat off the engine, and it's been used that way ever since.
"To install you simply plumb into the heater hose lines and mount it somewhere on the frame of the truck. It's small enough to mount out of the way. Then you wire up the fan, which blows through the unit. It runs wide open all the time. If you use the truck in the winter, you can shut it down," says Hutson.
He says the cooler has so far been used primarily on grain trucks with automatic transmissions because the transmission cooler is often mounted ahead of the radiator, restricting air flow. But he says it will work on any vehicle with an overheating problem. He recently installed one on a brand new International truck. Sells for $600.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Hutson, Dakota Aviation, Inc., P.O. Box 172, Grafton, N. Dak. 58237 (ph 701 352-3257).

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