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Retired Farmer Builds Ferris Wheel For Kids
A ferris wheel built from junk parts entertains kids at fairs and carnivals in Aneta, N. Dak., thanks to retired farmer Herlof Huso, 70, who got into the inventing and manufacturing business when he quit farming several years ago.
When Huso got the idea for the ferris wheel he took it to the Aneta Booster Club. They decided to support the project so he started scrounging around his farm for parts to use.
At the center of the wheel is one-half of a traveling gun irrigation hose reel. Four arms fan out from the center of the reel and a square, stabilizing frame wraps around the. outside of that. The wheel is 6 ft.in dia. and when the top rider cage reaches the top of the ride, it's about 14 ft. off the ground.
The 3-ft. cages are made from square metal tubing and expanded wire mesh. They ride on free-wheeling auto hubs which Huso bought new. The wheel is turned by a 3/4-hp. reversible electric motor with a worm gear drive at 3 to 4 rpm's.
The entire rig mounts on a two-wheel trailer that can be pulled down the road. He spent about $500 in all to build the ferris wheel.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Herlof Huso, Aneta, N. Dak. 58212 (ph 701 326-4584).

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