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Rock Roller
"When we're done rolling a hay field, it's as smooth as a golf course," says Roger Walter, who built a "rock roller" to push under stones and rocks that pop up in fields each spring, or after a field is worked.
Walter built the 20-ft. wide, 36-in. dia. roller with heavy 1/2-in. thick pipeline pipe. He fashioned water-tight hubs for the big roller from wheel hubs salvaged from a Deere 65 pull-type combine. He simply fitted bolts through two round steel plates, welded the bolts heads solidly into place on the inside, and then welded the steel plates to each end of the roller. The hubs simply bolt to the steel endplates. The hitch was built with a combination of hitch parts from two junked Deere 65 combines.
The roller holds 1,500 gal. of water. Depending on conditions, Walter ordinarily does not fill it to the top. Built-in baffles keep water from sloshing around.
"It pulls and turns surprisingly easy. You can pull it with a 50 hp. tractor. Total cost was around $600. We've used it for 5 years with no problems," Walter told FARM SHOW.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roger Walter, Walter Bros., Plummer, Minn. 56748 (ph 218 465-4473).

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