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Custom Built Terra Trac Tractor
"It's the best tractor in the world," says Michael Horsch, manufacturer of the king-size custom-buillt Horsch Terra Trac 3-wheeled tractor.
Horsch first built the all-wheel drive, 250-hp. tractor for use on the family farm. "We couldn't find a commercially-built tractor that would do the job for us. We wanted a high horsepower, versatile ma-chine that would cause a minimum amount of compaction," says Horsch.
His first home-built tractor worked so well, Horsch got into the manufacturing business in a building on the family farm. Over the past few years, the tractor has been sold to farmers throughout Europe, primarily through word-of-mouth sales.
Key components of the Horsch tractor are the heavy-duty high torque stud axle hydraulic motors that power the three big wheels. Horsch says that unlike the "high speed" hydraulic motors used to drive combines, the special-built motors used to drive the tractor are geared low with lots of torque for heavy work. "This tractor's top speed is just 12 mph. It's built for use in the field, not for driving down the road," Horsch told FARM SHOW.
The tractor's powered by a250 hp., 6-cyl. Volvo diesel. The driver is positioned just behind the front wheel. The up-front positioning of the cab provides good visibility and leaves room above the rear axle for a 250 bu. tank that can be used with the Horsch-built no-till air seeder and fertilizer spreader. The bi-directional tractor's equipped with both front and rear 3-pt. and pto. The front-wheel of the highly maneuverable tractor has a 170? turning angle that allows the tractor to turn around in its tracks.
Elastic rubber disc couplings between the engine and hydrostatic pumps and the engine and pto practically eliminate vibration. That provides for smooth operation and minimizes down time, according to Horsch. The entire cab rotates 180? to reverse direction. Cab can also be tilted up hydraulically for access to engine and other components.
Unlike other big 4-WD tractors, Horsch says his tractor can be used for light field work because of the low ground pressure of the big terra tires. "You can also fit the tractor with conventional tractor tires for row crop work," he points out.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Horsch Maschinen Gmbh, Harburger Strasse 5, 8380 Landau/Isar, West Germany (ph 099517057).

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