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Hinge Kit For Deere Combine Straw Choppers
New hinge kit for Deere combine straw choppers stores chopper on combine and lets one man mount it when needed by simply swinging it up into place.
Ron Waldner, De Smet, S. Dak., built a few prototypes last year and sold them to local farmers. They worked so well, he's now ready to sell them nationwide. The "Chopper Caddy" kit fits Deere machines 2 years old or older (latest new 9600 combines don't have the problem).
"Everyone who's bought a kit is thrilled to have it because mounting Deere straw choppers is hard work. It takes two or three guys and you can hurt your back. My hinge kit lets makes it easy to fold it down out of the way for storage when you don't need it. To hook it up again, you just swing it up and a spring latch holds it in place until you can install mounting bolts," says Waldner, noting that one added benefit of the kit is that the added weight on the rear of the combine when the chopper is not in use makes the combine handle better.
Hinge, painted Deere green, is made of 3/ 8-in. thick steel with a 3/4-in. hinge bolt. Kit installs with a 3/8-in. drill. No welding required. One size fits all. So far he's fitted it to 6620, 7720 and 8820 combines.
Sells for $159.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Waldner, Yankee Mfg., 705 2nd St. S.W., De Smet, S. Dak. 57231 (ph 605 854-3025).

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