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Investment Opportunity In Elk
Kansas ranchers James and Walter Beesley, of Hugoton, have gone public with their plan for turning a conventional cow-calf beef operation into an elk ranch.
The Beesley brothers are offering to sell breeding elk stock to investors, then have their ranch care for them, or investors can buy animals elsewhere and deliver them to the Beesley's Mid America Cattle Co. ranch. The going rate for registered purebred elk cows is in the neighborhood of $7,000 to $9,000 per head.
Investors can participate in any one, or all, of three different plans. Plan 1: Owner receives half of the calf crop; Plan 2: Owner receives half of the calf crop less half the profit over a 12% annual return for the guarantee of no loss; Plan 3: Owner receives a 14% annual return on his investment in elk.
"In all three plans, we furnish, at no cost to the owner, all care necessary for the elk all the feed, insurance for mortality and theft, all veterinary and medicine expenses, all bulls necessary for breeding the elk cows, and all care for the elk calves until weaning age," James points out. "The owner is responsible only for buying the elk and for delivery to Mid-America. With the present market value and using Plan 1, the owner should receive around a 20% return on investment. Plans 2 and 3 should return around 16 and 14%, respectively.
"Factors affecting rate of return include: cost of elk purchased, sex of calves, selling price of calves and original elk, and number of calves weaned. The four revenue-producing markets for elk are meat, velvet, trophy and breeding."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mid America Cattle Co., P. O. Box 818, Hugoton, Kan. 67951 (ph 316 544-4307).

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