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Seed bounce control for air seeders
Putting Seed Brake Boots on your air seeder will slow the seed down, allowing it to fall out of the boot directly behind the shank so it's planted with the precision of a press drill, say the inventors, Doug and Davis Hooper, Waskada, Man.
"We're farmers and made it for our own needs. We really like air seeders but wanted seed placement that's as good as a press drill. Our seed boot takes out the blast of air that scatters seed, producing more precise seed placement," explains Doug Hooper.
The Seed Brake Boot, which replaces the conventional boot, U-clamps to the shank. Air and seed enters the boot, hits a plate, slides down a tube and is dropped into the soil behind the shank. Holes on the top of the unit allow the blast of air to escape rather than blow out the bottom of the boot and disturb seed placement.
The boots sell for $12.95 (Canadian).
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Hooper Farms Ltd., P.O. Box 58, Waskada, Man. ROM 2E0 (ph 204 673-2694).

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