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Combine Yield-Per-Field Monitor
A new yield monitor for combines that measures rotations of the combine unloading auger to determine yields "on the go" is selling fast to farmers who've had an early look at the new product.
Dubbed the Yield Trak by the manufacturer, Micro-Trak Systems, Inc., Mankato, Minn., the new monitor has simplified the electronics needed to measure acres traveled, ground speed, and yields per field using the latest high-tech electronic components.
"It tells you the ground speed, acres harvested, bushels per acre and the total bushels harvested," says George Warren, Micro-Trak representative, explaining that the operator can monitor yield on any size acreage and store that individual yield in the unit's memory for inclusion in a total yield figure. "It lets you check the yields of several different varieties right in the same field, dumping into one wagon or truck," Warren points out.
Yield Trak consists of a small cab-mounted electronic console that fits easily in one hand. It monitors a sensor mounted on the jack shaft of the unloading auger.
The unit also monitors a speed sensor mounted on the combine driveshaft to keep track of ground speed, and a sensor mounted on the header platform that shuts off the unit when the header is raised on headlands.
To calibrate the unit, the operator simply punches in width of the swath taken by the machine, then harvests one tank of grain, leveling it to the bin's rated capacity and emptying it through the unloading auger. The unit then automatically registers how much grain the unloading auger can move for each revolution. A special flapper switch mounted on the auger shuts the electronics off when the grain tank is empty. The monitor is powered by combine's 12-volt system and retains its memory even when the ignition is turned off.
"It's a management tool that eliminates guesswork that costs farmers money. The best thing about it is that it's priced right," says Warren. The Yield Trak sells for $289.95 and comes with do-it-yourself instructions.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Micro-Trak Systems, Inc., P.O. Box 3699, Mankato, Minn. 56002 (ph toll-free 800 328-9613 or, in Minn., 507 257-3600).

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