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Single-Cylinder Switching Device For Markers
A Canadian grain farmer's mechanical switching device lets him switch automatically from the marker on one side of his drill to the marker on the other side without even watching.
"Just pull the hydraulic lever and then forget about it," he says, explaining that as the single lift cylinder pulls one marker up, the marker on the other side is re-leased to fall the next time the cylinder is extended. One cylinder raises and lowers both markers, freeing up a hydraulic outlet that can be used for something else, or eliminating the need to get off to raise or lower markers by hand. "Some farmers spend a fortune on hardware, hoses and cylinders."
The idea works great on planters, drills, sprayers or any other equipment. The switching device can be positioned anywhere on the machine and consists of two upright masts connected by rope or chain to markers on either side. At the base of each mast is a pointed hook that's 21/2 by 14 in. in size and 3/16 in. thick. The hooks slide back and forth in a narrow channel. When one marker is raised, the pointed hook slips under the hook on the other marker, raising it up and releasing the hook. The next time the cylinder is ex-tended, it lowers the released marker, using the hooked marker as its base.
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