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Knock Down Mailbox
Anyone who lives in snow country knows that snowplows are hard on mailboxes. Mitchell, Bainsville, Ontario has come up with a do-it-yourself "knock down" mail-box that'll fall over if struck by a plow and come back up again without damage.
"Lay an old car wheel on the ground with the large `dish' side on top. Weld a piece of 2 or 3-in. pipe into the center of the wheel. Weld a steel plate to the top of the pipe at the right height for the mailbox. Fill the wheel with cement for ballast and fasten the mail-box to the top plate. Place the stand on two pieces of board at the side of the road so it won't freeze to the ground. If a plow hits the post, it'll tip over and you can tip it back up without damage."

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1989 - Volume #13, Issue #4