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Build Yourself A Folding Wing Airplane
If you've ever toyed with the idea of building your own airplane, you'll be interested in the new wing-folding Mark 1V "Kitplane" from Avid Aircraft, of Caldwell, Idaho.
Its wings fold manually, reducing overall dimensions to only 8 ft. wide and 20 ft. long. "You can store it, and work on it, in a space no larger than a single garage stall," says Charlie DeRego, president. "You can eliminate the expense of both a hanger and landing strip by flying into your local airport, then folding the wings and towing the plane home behind your car or pickup. When you go to distant fields, you can take the Mark IV with you, towing it behind your pickup, tractor or combine. It only takes a minute or two to manually fold or unfold the wings." DeRego notes that, without prior experience, it takes 400 to 600 hours to assemble the do-it-yourself kit. Sells for $19,000, including a liquid cooled 65 hp engine. .
"You save about $7,000 by assembling it yourself," says DeRego.
The two-person Mark IV requires 90 ft. of take-off and 150 ft. of landing distance. It has a wingspan of 30 ft. and cruises at 90 mph. Fuel capacity is 14 gal. and fuel consumption is 3.5 gal. per hour. Can be equipped with optional crop-spraying rig. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Avid Aircraft, Box 728, Caldwell, Idaho 83606 (ph 208 454-2600).

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