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Bale Wagon Dumps Its Load
"I built the first one for myself about 6 years ago. I load it with my kicker baler and when back at the barn, just open the back of the wagon and dump the load by the elevator. I no longer have to wrestle tightly packed bales out of the wagon door like on conventional bale wagons," says Andrew Vos, Hagersville, Ont., designer of the "Handy Dump" hay trailer that's sloped to self-unload bales.
"It'll dump a load of 140 bales in 30-seconds, allowing you to get by with only two wagons instead of the four or five that it normally takes to keep up with the baler," Vos points out.
The dual-axle, 8 by 24 ft. wagon 'quick-hitches' to a special hitch mounted on the tractor's 3-pt., allowing you to hitch/unhitch without getting off the tractor. The wagon doesn't have an axle on the front like conventional wagons.
In the field, it hitches to a 2-wheeled dolly which, in turn, is hitched to the baler. The dolly takes the load off the baler and allows for shorter turns in the field.
To unload the wagon, you open the chain tailgate by releasing one pin. Bales will slide right out and the wagon will completely empty as you pull ahead, says Vos, adding that despite the wagon's 7 ft. height at the front, loading bales into it from kicker balers isn't a problem. By enclosing the sides, the wagon can be used to haul grain.
Handy Dump sells for $4,200 (Canadian), including the dolly and tractor hitch.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Andrew Vos, R.R. 5, Hagersville, Ont. Canada N0A 1H0 (ph 416 768-3606 after 6 pm).

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