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Shockhalter Tames Boss Cows And Bulls
"I saw the need for this after I'd brought a pregnant replacement cow into my herd. A couple of hostile cows bumped her around, causing her to lose her calf," says Ted Hieb, Kennewick, Wash., who's developed the "Shockhalter", a new way to keep "boss" cows or bulls from pushing around and possibly hurting smaller or new animals.
The Shockhalter gives the boss cow a harmless shock each time she butts another cow. The shocking mechanism consists of a 2-in. dia. air switch located on the animal's forehead. When the cow butts another animal, the air switch is pushed in, producing an electrical shock through two metal contacts similar to those on conventional cattle prods located just behind the animal's ears. Electricity for the shock is provided by two flashlight batteries located in a tube on the side of the halter. The Shockhalter is water-sealed to work in rain and snow.
Hieb is doing experimental work on the Shockhalter. He feels that it won't cause health or mastitis problems as the shock is less than that from an electric fence or cattle prod. Hieb hopes to have the Shockhalter on the market shortly for under $100.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ted Hieb, 3611 W. 15th, Kennewick, Wash. 99337 (ph 509-735-9778).

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