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Calf Huts Made From Fuel Tanks
Junked 280 gal. fuel oil tanks make dandy calf huts, according to David Mueller, Manitowac, Wis.
"First cut out one end of a tank. Cut up the center of the other end of the tank and spread the sides of the tank outward, straightening the curved bottoms of the sides as much as possible. Weld scrap iron across the tank ends to hold the tank open. Take the end of the tank that was cut out and weld it across the bottom at the back end of the tank to cover the opening.
"Weld a piece of angle iron across the front open end of the tank about 7 in. above the ground and then weld two upright angle irons as hinges for the gate. We used 3/8-in. dia. metal fence posts to make gates. For the latch, we used two pieces of scrap water pipe welded above the gate and a piece of rod with a bend on one end to keep it shut.
"We attached hooks on top of the huts to pick them up with a front-end loader. On one hut for newborn calves we cut a hole in top fora heat lamp to dry them off. We've built 6 huts from tanks."
Contact FARM SHOW Followup, David Mueller, 3909 Newtonburg Rd., Manitowac, Wis. 54220 (ph 414 758-2430).

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