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Kit Changes Rate Of N
A Canadian farmer who was tired of using "average" soil tests to determine nitrogen needs on his rolling, variably soiled fields has come up with a nifty new motorized meter kit that lets him change rate of nitrogen on the go as dictated by changing conditions.
Brian Tochor of Yarbo, Sask., came up with the idea for his own use and is now selling the kit to fit John Blue and Continental anhydrous ammonia meters. He plans to fit other meters in the near future as well as liquid nitrogen meters.
The kit consists of a small 12-volt electric motor that attaches to the adjustment knob on the meter and is controlled by a pair of push-pull buttons in the tractor cab. The motor has a sprocket that chain-drives (via a tiny chain) an easy-to-read calibrated dial. Using the buttons, the operator can increase or decrease flow of anhydrous on the go.
"I have rolling ground. On top of hills I needed more nitrogen and in low spots I didn't need as much. The problem is that they recommend you take soil tests on the sides of hills so you get an average reading to apply to the whole field. That means you don't get enough nitrogen on top of hills and you get too much in low spots. With this system, it's easy to get an immediate change no matter where you are in the field without having to climb down off the tractor," says Tochor, noting that the system also lets you adapt to changing soil types in flatter fields which might have both sandy and clay soils, for example. "It also lets you change rate of application when applying N to a field where two different crops may have been raised the year before. Nitrogen requirements can be markedly different between corn and bean ground, for instance."
Tochor's "Vary-N" kit includes a new meter stand. You mount your meter on the stand and couple it up to his electric motor coupling. Then you simply run a wire from the stand up to the tractor.
Sells for $600 (Canadian).
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brian Tochor, Vary-N Ltd., Yarbo, Sask. Canada (ph 306 745-3842).

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