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Worlds Simplest Grain Handling System
"It works exactly like we said it would when it was still on paper," says Elwood Sawby, of Skyland Manufacturing about the company's revolutionary new "Hydra-Shift" swivel auger grain handling system first featured in our March-April issue. The first Hydra-Shift installations have now been built one servicing nine 4,800-bu. hopper bottom bins and Sawby expects to sell out this years total production by spring.
At the heart of the new system is the Hydra-Shift auger, designed to replace expensive elevator legs or vacuum equipment, and heavy rolling augers that take "too many people too much time to move," according to Sawby.
The Skyland system consistsof a conventional 8 to 10-in. dia. auger up to 70 ft. long and mounted on a pivoting hydraulic arm. The arm raises and lowers the auger, pivoting on a center support stanchion. The operator stands at the bottom of the auger, activating the arm up or down with auger-mounted controls, lifting just 40 lbs. of balanced weight to move the auger from bin to bin. With a 53-ft. auger you can fill and empty ten 14-ft. high bins in a semi-circle. A 60-ft. auger will fill and empty nine 19-ft. semi-circled bins. If your bins are already in a straight line, a 60-ft. Hydra-Shift mounted auger will reach six 14-ft. tall bins.
"It takes just 90 seconds to move the auger from bin to bin and anyone who can lift 25 lbs. of weight can move it along.
You don't have to stop combining, or other activities, during harvest to move the auger," says Sawby.
A 60-ft. auger, 8 in. in dia. and mounted on the Hydra-Shiftarm, sells for around $9,100 U.S. dollars.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Skyland Manufacturing Equipment, Ltd., Maple Creek, Sask. (ph 306 667-2653).

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