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No Energy Waterer Heats From Underground
"The earth's temperature at 12 ft. below the surface stays at 50 to 60? even during the coldest months of the year. We've harnessed that heat for our new hog waterers," says Virgil R. Marek, of Agri Energy Tek, Belle Plaine, Iowa, manufacturer of the first-of-its-kind "no energy" Terra Temp geothermal livestock waterer.
Terra Temp waterers feature a closed loop system filled with a freon-type liquid gas sealed in a heat delivery tube that extends 12 ft. directly below a two-nipple waterer. At the bottom of the tube the liquid is heated by the earth's temperature. This causes it to gasify, rising to a heat exchanger in the waterer above ground. The heat in the gas is "scrubbed" off, causing it to condense and drop back to the 12-ft. level at the bottom of the tube.
"The system is permanently sealed and completely separate from the water system," Marek told FARM SHOW. "It will work continuously without supervision and with absolutely no cost to operate."
Outside air temperature regulates the system in that the system is activated when outside temperatures fall below the ground temperature in the 12-ft. depth.
Waterers are installed by boring a 12-ft. hole for the heat delivery tube and running a waterline to the waterer below the frost line. The waterer can be used anywhere water freezing is a problem.
The company has so far introduced a two-nipple waterer and plans to introduce a four-nipple unit soon. A bowl type cattle waterer is on the drawing board and is slated for production by next summer.
Terra Temp waterers sell for $600 installed, or $500 if you do it yourself.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Agri Energy Tek, Inc. P.O. Box 233, Belle Plaine, Iowa 52208 (ph 319 444-2180).

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