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Bump Gate Closes Automatically
You don't have to leave the seat of your car, truck or tractor to open or close drive-through gates equipped with a new mechanical control from Heizer Mfg. Co., Rawlings, Va.
To open, you simply drive through, letting the vehicle's bumper push against a plastic "bumper pad" attached to the gate. For tractors, you let the front wheels edge the gate open as you slowly drive through.
After about 4 ft. of vehicle travel, the gate swings open automatically. It remains open for about 10 seconds allowing plenty of time for the vehicle to pass through then automatically closes and relatches. The gate "bumps" open from either side and can be equipped with special controls to permit automatic opening and closing on horseback, without leaving the saddle.
The mechanical control adapts to gates 12 to 14 ft. wide. It's designed to raise the latch end of the gate about 18 in. off the ground when fully open. "This lifting action gives the gate downhill momentum to close and latch automatically, even on inclines of up to 1 in. per foot," explains Marshall Heizer Jr., inventor-manufacturer.
He recommends that the control be adapted to gates made of tubular material, rather than to panel-type gates which offer too much resistance in high winds for the opener to close the gate automatically. The device requires no batteries and no maintenance, except for a shot of grease once every 3 or 4 months.
"I think its much more effective and economical than drive-over cattle guards for containing livestock," says Heizer. "They fill up with dirt and debris and you always get a few unruly animals that figure out how to get around them. They can't outfox this opener, which isn't bothered by mud, snow, dirt or debris. On standard cars and trucks, no modification of the bumper is required, making it easy for visitors to drive through gates equipped with this new mechanical closer."
The spring-loaded device, complete with automatic opening and closing latch assembly, sells for $365 .
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Heizer Mfg. Co., Rt. 1, Box 21, Rawlings, Va. 23876 (ph 804 478-4327).

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