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Biggest Ever Tree Chipper
You've never seen a tree chipper like this Italian machine that'll turn a 2-ft. dia., 20-ft. long tree trunk into a pile of chips in less than a minute.
Built by Gandini Meccanica, the machine requires both tractor pto and hydraulics to operate. It can also be driven by its own mounted motor. Key to the machine's success are two large teeth-equipped grabbing rollers at the intake throat. One of the large rollers hinges back and forth, adapting to the varying size of material while gripping it tightly and rotating to pull it into the machine. The gripping rollers feed logs or branches down to the smallest sizes to a set of four razor sharp blades mounted on a heavy cast iron, 46-in. dia. flywheel. The blade-equipped flywheel spins at high rpm's, slicing off to 1-in. long thin wood chips. A heavy-duty paddle wheel spins with the bladed wheel, flinging chips up to 100 ft. away through a directional upper spout.
"It'll handle any wood, although in the hardest hard woods it may not handle full diameter logs. Output is about 8 to 10 tons per hour. It's popular in Northern Europe where foresters use it to chip big volumes of wood, like poplar trees, as fuel for wood chip boilers to heat homes, barns and buildings," says Carlo Gandini, manufacturer.
The tractor-powered model 100 chipper sells for $11,000. Smaller and larger models are also available. The company is looking for a U.S. distributor.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gandini Meccanica, Via Della Valletta 1, 46040 Guidizzolo, Mantova, Italy (ph 0376 818741).

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