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Grain Saving Cornhead Picks Up Downed Stalks
Earl Moore, Rush Center, Kan., made his own grain-saving cornhead by mounting a spinning auger cone on one end of the machine and rigging up a long-fingered "spider" wheel above the snouts to rake stalks into the machine.
"We've had a lot of down stalks due to corn borers. These attachments keep them from getting hung up. I hardly ever have to climb off the machine anymore and we get all the corn into the combine," says Moore.
To make the cone auger that mounts on one end of his Allis Chalmers 4-row head, Moore used a 4-ft. long stainless steel exhaust stack off a semi truck. He welded a 1/2 by 1/8-in. strip of soft iron in a spiral along the length of the stack as "flighting" and used a 1-in. dia. bar for the center shaft using self-aligning bearings. It drives off the end of the feeder auger.
To make the spider wheel, More ran two lengths of angle iron out over the snouts and fitted them with bearings. The center shaft is a 3/4-in. pipe running inside lengths of 1 1/2 in. pipe. Each of the 4 sets of"fingers" (1-in. dia. pipe) are positioned over the top of each snout, and are belt driven by a pulley that's chain-driven off the main gearbox. The end of each finger is bent toward the front of the combine so stalks won't hang upon them.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Earl Moore, Rt. 1, Box 94, Rush Center, Kan. 67575 (ph 913 372-4441).

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