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Power Steering For Farmall Tractor
Randy Tiede, Culdesac, Idaho, added power steering to his International Far-mall Super M tractor by using the power steering pump off a Deere 95H combine and the hydraulic steering cylinder off an International 151 combine.
"Without power steering I could hardly steer the tractor when I put a front-end loader on it Now I can steer it with one finger," says Tiede, who mainly uses the tractor to lift seed boxes and to pick up rocks. "It works so good that several neighbors have copied the design."
The power steering pump is powered by the same fan belt that drives the water pump. Tiede added a pulley onto the power steering pump, then made an angle iron bracket and bolted the pump to the top of the governor housing. He also installed a longer fan belt to drive both pumps. He cut off part of the steering arm in order to install the steering cylinder and control valve. He welded a 1/2 by 6-in. steel plate onto the front axle and cut a hole in it for the tie rod. When Tiede turns the steering wheel, the steering link-age opens and closes the control valve, which causes the steering cylinder to extend and retract to turn the wheels.
"I used the steering cylinder off the International 151 combine because the cylinder and control valve are one unit," says Tiede.
He paid $25 each for the hydraulic cylinder and power steering pump.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Randy Tiede, Rt 2, Culdesac, Idaho 83524 (ph 208 924-5807).

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