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Many Uses For New Markers
For less than $3, you can buy a newstyle marking pen that writes with invisible ink for putting "hidden" codes on pesticide containers and other property. Or, you can buy the same type of marker filled with a new waterproof fluorescent ink that leaves a highly visible mark on virtually any surface, including plants, plastic materials, oil or grease covered parts, or on rusty machinery and equipment.
For making invisible or "hidden" marks, Metros Optics, Solana Beach, Calif., fills its new Metros Marker pen with Transflor, a new transparent ink that's visible only when exposed to a black (ultraviolet) light. It leaves a clear, colorless mark that's virtually undetectable in sunlight or normal electric lights.
Possible uses for the invisible marker include marking metal or plastic pesticide containers, or feed or seed corn sacks for positive identification in case they're stolen and recovered. In industry, the "invisible" ink marker has been used to inconspicuously mark warranty dates on equipment, or for discrete marking, such as on rejected parts returned to a vendor suspected of returning the same parts at a later date.
FARM SHOW tested this marker, putting several dots of the invisible ink on the top of a metal container. The dots were invisible to the naked eye but showed up readily under a "black light" purchased in a local store for only $1.
Metros Optics also offers Metros Markers loaded with a permanent marking ink which writes in your choice of 10 different fluorescent colors. The special ink is water proof and flexible when dry, and will write on oil or grease-covered metal, on plants, fabric and most any other material. The fluorescent ink leaves a permanent mark which, unlike the "invisible" Transflor ink, doesn't require a special "black light" to be read. Researchers use it to code plants and even to mark bees for study purposes. By marking the queen bee, for example, she becomes readily visible and the marking doesn't bother or abuse her in any way.
Cost of the Metros Marker pens, loaded with either transflor ink or permanent fluorescent ink, is $2.95 each.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Metros Optics, Paul Kempf, President, Box 690, Solana Beach, Ca. 97075 (ph. 714 755-4477).

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