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Paraplow Planter Catching On Fast
Widespread use of the Howard Paraplow has resulted in a new machine the Paratiller which is attracting attention from no-till farmers.
Built by inventor-manufacturer Dale Shrull for a pair of local Rusellville, Kty. farmers, the Paratiller consists of toolbar-mounted Paraplow shanks spaced on 30-in. centers and a hitch system to pull it directly behind the tractor and ahead of a planter. The Paraplow shanks each work up a 16 by 20-in. zone directly ahead of the planter openers and seed is centered above the loosened soil zone, 10-in. from the opening made by the Paraplow shank. Anhydrous is injected 14 in. deep into the Paraplow slot and starter fertilizer is placed below and to the side of the seed.
Early users have experienced yield increases up to 10 bu. in corn while experiments at the University of Illinois have indicated yield boosts as high as 50 bu. per acre on badly compacted no-till ground.
"Seed seems to emerge faster and there's much less erosion on ground that has been worked with the Paraplow," says Shrull. The idea for the implement came from Joe and David Hendricks who wanted a Wayto match up the Paraplow with a planter so they could plant with just one pass and still break up compaction, leaving soil residue on the surface. The first machine has an anhydrous tank mounted on the Paratiller frame. A planter hitch that extends out behind pulls a trailing Max-Emerge 7000 planter. The farmers use a 200 hp. tractor to pull the 6-row rig.
"The entire set-up is 40 ft. long but, because of the design of the hitch, it turns as short as a tractor and planter alone," says Shrull, who sells the Paratiller and hitch for $15,000.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, H.C.H., Inc., Rt. 5, Box 31A, Russellville, Kent. 42276 (ph 502 726-2497).

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