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Mid-Mount Floating Boom For Tractors
One problem with spray booms is that as they get bigger, it gets harder to keep the ends of the boom from digging into the ground whenever the tractor goes over a bump or depression. LeRoy Mercil, Brooks, Minn., decided to solve the problem by building a 117-ft. "mid-mount" boom that mounts ahead of the cab on his Case-IH 7200 tractor.
"It provides better balance and weight distribution than conventional booms and is designed with shock absorbers that automatically keep one side of the boom from jerking up or down too much," says Mercil. "It's especially helpful for booms over 90 ft. long and for tractors equipped with dual tires. I've used it at speeds up to 16 mph in the field without any problems. It's equipped with eight hydraulic cylinders - two connected to the `Y'-shaped structure to change the angle of the booms, two to raise or lower the header, two to fold each side of the boom for transport, and two (not shown in photo) to level the boom. The boom tips can be raised up to 12 ft. high. The boom can be quickly dismounted onto a 4-point stand..
The boom mounts on a 17-ft. wide H-shaped frame that mounts over the tractor hood. Each side of the boom mounts on a vertical steel leg, each of which is equipped with a shock absorber on the bottom and a "Y"-shaped lift brace at the top. A pair of cables extend from the "Y" to the hinged middle section of the boom. A pair of springs on the back side of the Y-shaped braces keep the booms from bouncing up or down too much when the other side of the boom moves. A 500 or 1,000-gal. fiberglass spray tank 3-pt. mounts on back of the tractor.
Mercil says he plans to manufacture the unit after further design work. He also de-signed a pickup-mounted sprayer with the same boom action.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LeRoy Mercil, Marflex Mfg., Inc., Box 55, Brooks, Minn. 56715 (ph 218 698-4630).

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