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Double Duty Cart Hauls Liquid,Anhydrous
"Our new 3-wheeled double duty fertilizer cart lets you deep band anhydrous and liquid fertilizer at the same time, saving a separate pass," says Greg Smith, Green Drop Equipment Ltd., Carseland, Alberta.
The company rents the 2-tank cart to customers, supplying manifolds and a hitch designed to fit the back of any tillage implement. The low-profile cart carries one 1,500-gal. anhydrous tank and two 750-gal. tanks for liquid fertilizer. The trailer mounts on big flotation tires to help reduce soil compaction.
"It's. a total fertilizer package that lets you cover more acres between fills than any other system on the market," says Smith. "It also reduces the amount of starter fertilizer needed at planting. It works great for farmers who are switching to reduced till-age.
"The trailer is patterned after a 3-wheeled air seeder. You can back it up like you wouldn't believe. The tricycle running gear provides excellent stability, with no double tracking and low soil compaction. Liquid fertilizer is delivered by a ground-driven pump and is variable rate controlled directly from the tractor seat."
According to Smith, applying liquid fertilizer and ammonia together has agronomic benefits. "When phosphorous is applied with ammonia it's often more avail-able to plants because of reduced tie-up by unfriendly soil reactions. Another advantage is that the moisture from the liquid fertilizer helps attract the ammonia. The ammonia rapidly ties up with water molecules and, once tied up, is less likely to escape to the atmosphere."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Greg Smith, Box 237, Carseland, Alberta, Canada TOJ OMO (ph 403 934-4644).

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