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New 3 In 1 Pit Pal Pumps, Chops & Agitates
"It's all you'll ever need to handle liquid manure," says manufacturers of a unique 3-in-1 machine that pumps, chops and agitates liquid manure.
What's more, the new "Pit Pal" from Farmstar, Inc., Glenwood, Minn., is lightweight and easily transported by hand to slip down through slats, or into tight spots.
As an agitator and chopper, the Pit Pal turns entire pits or lagoons into blended slurry ready to pump. It can be moved from place to place to break up heavy buildups and as it agitates, chopper blades chop straw, bedding or any other fibrous residue into a consistency that can be easily handled.
To convert to pumping, you simply flip a lever on the Pit Pal handle without removing unit from the pit." This fastens the loading hose over the pump so that slurry, which was being agitated or chopped, is forced up the hose," explains Olav Isne, Sales Manager. The Pit Pal primes itself and pumps 700 gal. per hour. It can also be used to prime any centrifugal pump, Isne points out.
The Pit Pal sits just 4 in. off the pit floor. "This feature allows it to break up sludge at the bottom of the pit and to function well in very shallow pits. On the other hand, the telescopic handle extends for use in deep pits," Isne notes.
A hydraulic motor powers the pump. Hoses outfitted with quick couplers run up the length of the handle to hook to tractor hydraulics.
The Pit Pal sells for right at $1,100. Models are available without pump attachments for use as an agitator only.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Farmstar, Inc., Glenwood, Minn. 56334 (ph 612 634-4554).

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