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New Air Systems Move Grain Into Tall Silos
If you have shelled corn, soybeans, or other crops you want to blow into a silo 60 ft. or taller without damaging the crop you'll be interested in the "Super Air Blower" from Bilyeu's Auger-Blower Co., Mason City, Iowa, and the Airhand blower from Middle States Mfg., Columbus, Neb.
While there are feed-in auger attachments for converting your regular silo blower to blowing corn, soy-beans and other crops into silos, most of these combinations are limited by the blower to silos no more than about 60 ft. tall.
The self-contained blowers, while not useable for blowing regular whole plant silage or haylage, are able to blow dry or wet shelled corn, soybeans and other grains into silos 100 ft. and taller, and at the rate of up to 1,400 bu. per hr. Grain is augered into the silo pipe above the blower fan. The air stream then carries the crop up into the silo. Since the crop doesn't touch the fan, there is virtually no kernel damage, even to bindry grain.
The new Super Air Blower, invented and manufactured by Roy Bilyeu, is equipped with two 60 in. fans sitting side by side that draw air in from both sides of the blower.
Bilyeu reports that the hydraulically driven feed-in auger is geared so its top unloading speed is 1,400 bu./hr. to prevent plugging.
The Super Air Blower, rated at 1,400 bu./hr. in silos 100 ft. or more tall, sells for $6,400. It requires a 90 hp. tractor for power and adapts to 540 or 1,000 rpm pto's.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bilyeu's Auger-Blower Co., Inc., 20 9th St. N.E., Mason City, Iowa 50401 (ph 515 424-4611).
The Airhand's enclosed blower also uses two fans (mounted in series, rather than side by side) to provide the air stream for moving grain up the silo pipe. It's available in 1,000 and 2,000 bu./hr. models.
The smaller model requires a 100 hp. tractor for power, and the larger model a 150 hp. tractor. Both models have the feed-in auger powered by an electric motor.
Dick Crovisier, vice president of marketing for the company, notes that the unit can also be used to aerate the grain once it's in the silo.
The portable 2,000 bu. models sells complete for $7,123 which includes the pto shaft, electric motor and motor starter.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Middle States Mfg., 16th Ave. and 23rd St. Box 788, Columbus, Neb. 68601 (ph toll free 800 228-8531; in Neb. and Canada, call 402 564-1411).
Auger Attachments
If you have a smaller silo (60 ft. or under) you may be able to use your regular silo blower and add a feed-in auger that attaches to the top of the blower spout. The attachment augers feed crops in just above the fan, using forced air from the blower fan to send the crop up into the silo.
Roy Bilyeu's Auger Blower Co., at Mason City, Iowa, sells an auger attachment with a 500-600 bu./hr. capacity (featured in FARM SHOW's Vol. 5, No. 5, 1981, issue).
The auger is powered off the tractor's hydraulics. Bilyeu notes the standard attachment fits blowers with a 5 1/2 ft. tall air exit hole but that collars are available for smaller blowers. He adds that best results are with blowers with 54 in. dia. drums.
The Bilyeu auger attachment sells for about $1,900.
Olmstead Farms Supplies, Ltd., Woodstock, Ont., offers the Blower Mate, a 7 in. hydraulically driven feed-in auger. A hinge system at the top of the auger helps the attachment fit any blower.
For more information on the Blower Mate, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Olmstead Farm Supplies, Ltd., R.R. 5, Woodstock, Ont. N4S7V9 (ph 519 537-6663).

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