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Revolutionary New Manue Spreader
A revolutionary new manure spreader in-vented by a farmer is creating a lot of interest in England.
The spreader has already been featured in a major British farm magazine, but the manufacturer who's taken over the spreader isn't ready yet to disclose all the details of the machine (the first commercial model will be out this summer). However, according to Luke Furse, the farmer who designed it, the spreader spreads faster than conventional spreaders, has fewer moving parts, and can handle solid objects that would cause other spreaders to break down. The spreading pattern is up to 100 ft. wide.
"We tried many types of manure spreaders over the years, but had problems with all of them," Furse told the magazine, FARMING NEWS.
The key components are a "tilt-forward" hopper and a 6-ft. dia., pto-powered spinning disc equipped with specially shaped paddles. A pair of hydraulic cylinders tilt the hopper forward, causing it to dump manure onto slats that feed manure into the paddles. A hydraulically-raised door controls the flow of manure to the paddles to regulate the spreading rate.
"The hopper has no chains or augers that can break down so I never have to fork out manure," says Furse, who has used the spreader for two years in his custom spreading business. "It works fast. The 6-ft. dia. disc rotates at 280 rpm's so it has a very high periphery speed that makes it virtu-ally indestructible. It smashed a 6-in. concrete block and even handled an old car wheel complete with tire."
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ken Wootton Trailers Ltd., The Forge, Ancaster, Granthan, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom NG32 3PL (ph 0400 230 568).

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