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Bird Feeder Transmits Sound Indoors
A wireless microphone under the roof of a new bird feeder transmits bird sounds to a speaker unit inside the house.
The "WingSong" microphone is tuned to the sound frequency of bird calls and songs. The weatherproof transmitter operates on four "C" cell batteries. It automatically shuts off at night and comes on during the day to extend battery life (up to 500 hours). Transmits up to 100 ft. The speaker unit inside the house can be plugged into house-hold current.
The feeder's six sides accommodate a large number and variety of birds. It's made from high grade plastic and is available in Victorian, Gazebo, and Colonial styles. It has two different size perches and is big enough to accommodate birds that would normally not stay at a feeder together, such as blue jays and chickadees, because they can't see each other from opposite sides of the feeder. The feeder's light color makes it easy to see markings on birds. A wide overhang and recessed seedtray with drain slots keep seed fresh and dry.
The feeder holds 1 1/2 gal. of seed and has see-through windows so you know when to refill. An 18-in. dia. baffle serves as a secondary feed station and squirrel deterrent. Separate pole adapters allow for mounting to 1 or 1 1/4-in. dia. poles. Sells for $179.95.
Also available is a wireless microphone that can be placed next to any existing bird feeder to transmit bird sounds to a receiver. Sells for $79.00.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Country Line Limited, 4543 Taylor Lane, Warrensville Hts., Ohio 44128 (ph 216 765-1234). NOTE: NOT IN BUSINESS!!

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