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Farm-Grown Health Food Comes With Its Own Cholesteroll Kit
"It's the world's first health food marketed with in-home cholesterol kits," says farmer Rick Heintzman, Onaka, S. Dak., who's started a thriving business growing Omega Flax - a crop that's catching on fast with health-conscious consumers and many in the medical professions.
Heintzman says Omega Flax has up to 800 times more anti-cancer lignans than most plants and a high fiber content that "scrubs" out cholesterol and also helps lower blood pressure, according to a number of case studies. What's more, the alphalinolenic fatty acid in Omega Flax is a "natural antifreeze because it appears to help keep blood from clotting and blocking arteries, says Heintzman, who can provide research studies to back up his claims.
The ground seed can be sprinkled on ice cream, yogurt, cereal salads, crackers, or used in bread, biscuits, muffins, cookies, cakes, waffle and pancake mixes.
When shipped fresh, it lasts indefinitely. However, it has a high oil content so once it's ground it oxidizes and will quickly spoil. The secret is to grind fresh every time you use it. So Heintzman sells a kit consisting of three bags of flax and a mini electric grinder.
Because a number of doctors around the country now "prescribe" Omega Flax in-stead of anti-cholesterol drugs, Heintzman got the idea of providing "before and after" test kits with the flax kit so buyers can monitor results themselves. You simply take the test before you start using the flax and then again 15 days later.
The 3-bag kit including grinder and "be-fore and after" cholesterol kits sells for $70 (Alaska and Hawaii $5 S&H, Canada $10 S&H). If you already have a grinder you can buy six bags for $35. A 3-bag kit and grinder without the cholesterol kit sells for $35. Contact: FARM SHOW Followup,
Heintzman Farms, Rt. 2, Box 265, Onaka, S. Dak. 57466 (ph 800 333-5813).

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