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PTO Shut-Off Device Helps Prevent Accidents
An English agricultural dealership and an electrician have teamed up to develop a shut-off device designed to help prevent power take-off shaft accidents.
The device, developed by Paul McUrich and electrical contractor Kevin Garrod, consists of two spring-loaded straps that are stretched between the rear of the tractor and the implement, one on either side of the pto shaft. One end of each strap is connected to a switch and protected within a metal box mounted on the tractor's axle. When the operator pushes or pulls either strap, the switch stops both tractor engine and pto shaft.
"The straps provide a barrier that stops the operator from entering the pto zone," says McUrich. "If someone does become entangled in the pto shaft, they can push or pull either strap to electrically activate a solenoid shut-off switch which disengages the pto by restricting fuel flow to the tractor engine or to trip the switch on an electronically controlled pto."
A metal rod in the center of the strap housing protrudes about 20 in. to keep the belt parallel whenever the implement turns and to prevent the straps from snagging the tires when turning. When the tractor is in motion, slight movement or jarring of the belts won't trigger the shut-off switch, says McUrich.
McUrich says price has yet to be finalized, but the shut-off device will probably retail for about $525.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Paul McUrich, Peacock & Binnington, Old Foundry, Brigg, England DN20 8NR (ph 0652 52913).

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