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New Meal-In-One Microwave Ovens
"The barrier of one-dish-at-a-time cooking in microwave ovens has been broken," said William George, vice president, in recently announcing the new Litton 500 Series countertop microwave ovens, first on the market capable of cooki ng a complete three-course meal at one time.
"We believe this technological advancement will revolutionize microwave cooking," George predicted. He noted that the new Litton ovens cook in a fourth to half the time and energy of conventional cooking appliances, offer 25% larger cooking space than most countertop models and allow cooking up to three foods at once.
Complete meal cooking, he explained, is made possible by an exclusive Litton design which directs microwaves into the oven from both sides instead of a single feed system used on all other microwave ovens now available. The new ovens also feature a horizontal rack for simultaneous cooking on two levels, and more efficient use of cooking space.
"For example, a four pound beef roast, two pounds of potatoes and a serving of asparagus all cooked at the same time would take 55 min. in the new 500 series ovens," George explained. "Cooking all three items one after the other in a standard microwave oven would take 65 min. and 8
more electricity, compared with 90 min. and 40% more electricity in a conventional range."
Two models are offered - the top-of-the-line Model 540, featuring the Memorymatic memory control system, electronic touch controls and a 99 min. electronic timer; and Model 520 which offers the same 1.5 cu. ft. of cooking space, deluxe styling and a 99 min. digital timer. Suggested retail of the 540 is $629; and $529 for the 520.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Richard Parrish, Public Relations, Litton Microwave Cooking, 1405 Xeriium Lane No., Minneapolis, Minn. 55440 (612 553-2258).

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