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New First In Electric Fences
New from New Zealand is the Speedrite electric fence controller, said to be "the most powerful dry battery operated unit on the market and the first one like it in the United States".
It operates on six conventional flashlight batteries and is completely portable and weatherproof. You just snap the self-contained charger on the wire to be charged, connect the ground wire and the unit is ready to go. The six flashlight batteries will keep two to three miles of fence charged for six to eight weeks under normal operating conditions, according to Jack Henderson, president of Live Wire Products, national marketer of the new-style fencer which is widely used in New Zealand and Australia.
"Because it's portable and weatherproof, it's ideal for charging tem
porary electric fences, such as for strip grazing pastures, or for pasturing cornstalks or stubble fields after harvest," Henderson points out. He notes that the MK 5 charger, which sells for $49.95, develops 4200 volts and, by flipping a switch, sends out impulses at either a "training" or "normal" rate. For "normal" use, once cattle know they're dealing with a "hot" fence, the unit sends out about 50 impulses per minute. With the switch set at the "training" position, it sends out 90 impulses per minute. After a few days, when cattle have gotten a jolt or two and have learned to respect the fence, the switch can be flipped to "normal".
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Live Wire Products, Box 150, Grass Valley, Calif. 95945 (ph 916 273-9397).

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