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Speidel Applicator
One of the simplest and least-cost applicators we've seen for "wiping" voluntary corn and other tall-growing weeds with Roundup is the Speidel herbicide applicator. It's a self-contained "wiping" pipe with no attached tanks, hoses, pumps or ropes.
"I did a lot of experimenting to get a consistent and controllable wetness on the canvas," says Steve Speidel, inventor-manufacturer. "I tried 12 different canvases, all of which looked the same, yet each varied considerably in their ability to allow liquid to soak through. It also took a lot of experimenting to come up with the right size and number of holes in the pipe, the right glue and a way to tightly wrap the canvas around the pipe."
The special canvas is glued around the entire circumference of the plastic pipe which serves as the applicator boom. Speidel sells only the canvas-wrapped herbicide applicator boom. "I feel farmers can easily rig up the necessary framing hardware to carry the applicator on either the front or rear of their tractor, or on their tractor loader. There should be some means, however, to move the applicator up and down while moving through the crop. I've used it both as a front and rear model unit, but prefer front mounting. With rear mounting, the rear wheel, and sometimes the drawbar, occasionally knocks weeds over before the applicator has a chance to wipe them," Speidel points out.
He offers models in 1 1/2 or 2 in. dia. pipe, and in one piece (with a center gate valve baffle) or in two separate pieces.
Suppose for example, you want to cover a 21 ft. width. You can order a one-piece unit 21 ft. long, which has the gate valve baffle in the center. Retail price of this one piece unit 21 ft. long is $223 for the 2 in. dia., and $213 for the 1 1/2 in. dia.
Or, you can order two separate 10 1/2 ft sections to cover the desired 21 ft. width. The two sections are separate and completely unattached with no gate valve in between. Cost of the two sections is slightly less (about 5%) since you eliminate the cost of the center gate valve baffle which is required in the one piece unit.
"About the only difference between a one and a two piece section is that the two piece sections are a little easier to handle since you are dealing with less length. The difference in diameter is mainly that you can operate a full day with the 2 in. dia. pipe, and about a half day with the 1 1/2 in. dia. pipe," .Speidel explains.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Speidel Applicator, Steve Speidel, President, Route 3, Lincoln, Nebraska 68506 (ph 402 423-4003).

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