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Studded Tractor Tires
"We've experienced up to 100% improvement in traction in snow and ice and when pushing manure on slippery concrete feedlot floors," says Kent Hodgson, Hudson, Quebec, pleased with the studs he's been installing in tractor tire lugs.
In addition to increased traction, Hodgson says the studs also reduce wear due to spinning by up to 75%.
"There are different size studs available for different size tires. We buy studs from a local tire dealer for 10 to 20 cents apiece, depending on the size. They can be installed with a 1/4-in. drill, using a wooden spacer block to keep penetration to about 1/2 in., and by using a special air gun for installation. You can also use a large hammer to drive them in.
"We put one stud per lug on our Deere 4640 130 hp. tractor with a dozer blade and got a 50% improvement especially when backing out of a snow pile. We used five studs per lug on an International 886 105 hp. tractor which pushes a rear-mounted 8-ft. snowblower and had a 100% improvement in pushing ability with that tractor.
"An average of about 100 studs per tire is usually enough and, if you install them yourself, the cost need not exceed about $20 per tire. It's certainly a lot cheaper than purchasing a set of tire chains and much more convenient for road travel, although some states and provinces have banned tire studs. The studs do not impede field work but, if necessary, you can easily remove them with a pair of vice grips and reinstall them later. Studs should be available through most large tire dealers."

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