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Spray Boom Loops Cut Costly Down Time
If you do any spraying at all, you'll like this simple spray boom attachment that makes nozzles virtually plug-proof under even the worst conditions.
Lloyd's Loops, invented by Dick Lloyd of Lewiston, Idaho, are installed on a rigid spray boom by turning the boom upside down and screwing them into the nozzle holes. The nozzle is re-attached to the lower end of the loop, which is manufactured from 1/4 in. aluminum piping.
"Anytime you're spraying, but especially with wettable powders, suspended material settles out along the bottom of the boom when the sprayer is off. When it's turned on again, the flow of water carries everything right down into the nozzles. With our loop attachment, water flows above the sediment and thus picks material up gradually from where it's settled," explains Lloyd.
"Anyone using flat fan, even-spray or other small orifice tips on their sprayer can benefit, as well as anyone using drop nozzles from a rigid boom. To a lesser extent, the loops can also be used to prevent plugging in a flexible line spray setup.
"With an additional coarse screen, which can be added between the loop and the boom, and a fine screen between the loop and the nozzle body, we've found that more than 80% of clogging problems will disappear," says Lloyd.
Standard loops to fit most sprayer makes sell for right at $4.65 each. Some sprayers require special adapter rings.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Lloyd's Loops, The Lloyd Ranch, Route 1, Box 91, Lewiston, Idaho 83501 (ph 208 743-3622).

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